Best URL Shortener

How URL Shortener can help your site gain advantage online

What is URL Shortener?

The Best URL Shortener is a Desktop Software and provide a practical way to shorten a long URL into simple and easy to remember letters or words. It is a short URL generator which is capable of returning from 200 to 250 shortened URLs based on the long URL provided and the keyword length (which is an optional parameter).

Developed initially to simply reduce long URLs that customers and visitors may not be able to easily remember, this tool has evolved into a short URL with SEO capabilities using keywords and more than 200 domains. It also provides a useful list with with all shorten links,in the end, so you may be able to optimize your social media, improve your marketing campaign and eventually help site owners and site developers gain advantage from their competition.

If you have never used a URL shortener tool before, the URL Shortener Soft is very easy to use. Simply paste the URL or long URL that you wish to improve as well as the main keyword that you use for your topics, articles or posts. The tool will return hundreds of short URLs after a few seconds; the URLs will be displayed accordingly in a screen. Users may pick the short URL they wish to use for their site.

Google expert Matt Cutts on URL shortening

Matt Cutts have explained through his blog and countless online interviews regarding the impact of URL shortening on a variety of sites online. Cutts stated that shorteners were developed to optimize Google services. It needed a URL shortener for Google products and a stable shortener that will create permanent redirects (301 redirect) and will also make access faster, stable and more secure. Cutts clearly supports the use of URL shorteners to efficiently improve the site access and to intensify Google’s campaign to improve online access to users everywhere.

What are the SEO benefits of using URL shortening?

URL shortening has a strong impact in search engine optimization since the use of shorteners is linked to the increase of social media and micro-blogging sites like Twitter. Using social media is known as a prominent SEO technique and social search has recently become very important in sharing links between sites. Matt Cutts explained through a Google Webmaster Help video that shortened URLs use a 301 permanent redirect which will move the page to the appropriate destination. Google will treat any link that is related to that 301 redirect as a link to the destination. Hence, the destination page will also get the same promotion as the original site or link.

Furthermore, important SEO data will also be passed on like anchor texts, page rank and so many more which will further improve the visibility and access to any link or site. URL Shortener is certainly a handy tool to help increase accessibility as well as help websites naturally secure a huge lead from their competitors.

URL Shortener Soft is easy to use, easy to access and gives a huge return to site owners and web developers. Make this as one of your site improvement tools and find out for yourself how shortened URLs make access easier and more practical for you and your users.